Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal

Unleash Dynamic Playing in Your Drumming


eDrummers are always in search of that perfect cymbal that can deliver a realistic playing experience and withstand the rigors of intense playing. Look no further than the Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal. Crafted with precision and innovation, this remarkable cymbal from Lemon Cymbals is designed to provide drummers with an exceptional combination of crash and ride capabilities. Let’s delve into the technical details of the Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal and discover how it can elevate your drumming experience to new heights.

Triple Zone Design for Unparalleled Versatility:

The Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal is specifically engineered to offer three distinct playing zones, each with its own unique sound character; edge, bow & bell. This innovative design allows drummers to seamlessly transition between crash, ride, and bell playing areas, expanding their sonic palette and adding depth to their performances. Whether you’re unleashing explosive crashes, riding with precision, or punctuating rhythms with articulate bell strikes, this cymbal is the epitome of versatility.

Premium Alloy Construction:

The Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal delivers exceptional response, playability, and durability. This cymbal is built to withstand the demands of intensive playing sessions, ensuring that it maintains its superior performance and integrity over time.

Dynamic Crash Response:

When it comes to crashes, the Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal truly shines. Its medium weight, larger size and expertly shaped profile allow for explosive playing, providing a truly realistic playing experience. Whether you prefer quick bursts of energy or sustained crashes that add depth to your fills, this cymbal responds effortlessly to your playing dynamics, enabling you to express your musical ideas with precision and impact.

Ride Definition and Articulation:

Transitioning from a crash to the ride area, the Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal provides drummers with a clear and defined ride area. Its responsive, balanced nature allow for precise articulation, making it ideal for intricate ride patterns, jazz grooves, or even rock ballads. The playable of the ride area is wide and accurate, providing a musical foundation that blends seamlessly with various musical styles.

Expressive Bell Sound:

Located in the center of the cymbal, the bell area of the Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal offers drummers a clear target for bell triggering. Whether you need to accentuate accents, add rhythmic punctuations, or create engaging bell patterns, this cymbal’s bell area responds with reliability and precision, enhancing your musical expressions.


The Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal is a testament to Lemon Cymbals’ commitment to innovation and excellence. With its triple zone design, premium construction and triple zone playing areas, this cymbal is a versatile powerhouse that will empower drummers to explore new sonic territories and unleash their creativity. Elevate your drumming experience to new heights with the Lemon 18-Inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal, available at Lemon Cymbals’ website: www.lemoncymbals.co.uk/product/lemon-18-inch-triple-zone-crash-ride-cymbal/. Discover the perfect balance of versatility, quality, and expression with this exceptional electronic cymbal.

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