Lemon 2 Piece 12 Inch Hi-Hat with Controller

Fully compatible with all modules that support Roland cymbals (Roland / 2Box / ATV / Pearl Mimic / Alesis , Millenium etc.) Rotation stopper included. Durable, full-rubber coating and fantastic Lemon build quality, Lemon cymbals offer outstanding value for money. All cymbals come with 1-year warranty.

Lemon 15 inch Dual Zone Crash Cymbal

Great cymbals for the money! So much more responsive than my old Roland ones.

Lemon 18 inch Triple Zone Crash Ride Cymbal

Excellent cymbal. Responsive, well made, great to play

Lemon 9 inch Dual Zone Splash Cymbal

I've been looking for an inexpensive splash cymbal for my TD27KV kit for a while and this Lemon 9 inch cymbal is perfect. It looks great and it feels very durable when playing. Would highly recommend.

Lemon 2 Piece 12 Inch Hi-Hat with Controller

good people to deal with no issues or nasty shocks Prompt delivery

Lemon 2 Piece 12 Inch Hi-Hat with Controller



Lemon 2-piece hi-hat with top cymbal pad and bottom cymbal pad.


  • Suitable for Roland, 2Box, Pearl Mimic and ATV modules (Not fully compatible with some Alesis modules)
  • Ideal alternative to the Roland VH-12 and VH-13 hi-hat
  • Comparable in size, functionality and playability to the V-Drums Hi-Hats

The Lemon 2-piece hi-Hat with top and bottom is a perfect alternative to the Roland V-Drums hi-hat pads VH-12 and VH-13 and a significant upgrade to Roland VH-10 and VH-11. With its cymbal diameter of 12″ this hi-hat offers an optimal playing surface with a practical size.

The Lemon 2-piece hi-Hat consists of a Lemon 12” cymbal with authentic rebound and natural feel as the top and the Lemon 12” hi-hat bottom with controller in a 12″ bottom plate.

The black, full-rubber playing surface is your ideal for creative and delicate hi-hat grooves. The bottom plate allows you a high contact pressure and – with the matching module – the possibility to play cool foot-splash techniques*.

The Lemon 2-piece hi-Hat is compatible with Roland modules, as well as modules from 2Box, Pearl Mimic and ATV. The hi-hat is perfectly playable on hi-hat modules of all manufacturers (please check with your module manufacturers for a complete list of compatible features).

The included hi-hat Clutch is compatible with all hi-hat stands and the simple but innovative rotation stopper system ensures a lasting playing experience without twisting the hi-hat.


  • 2-piece Lemon hi-hat with top cymbal pad and bottom plate controller
  • Realistic size with 12″ in diameter
  • Dual Zone Trigger with Edge and Bow
  • Solid controller with stepless detection of opening degree
  • Bottom plate for high contact pressure and advanced techniques
  • Natural feel and authentic rebound
  • Chokeable and playable on any hi-hat machine

What’s Includes:

  • 1 x Lemon 12“ top cymbal pad
  • 1 x Lemon 12“ bottom plate controller
  • 1 x hi-hat clutch
  • 1 x rotation stopper system
  • 1 x link cable top-bottom
  • *Foot Splashing requires a matching module.

Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, you may wish to consider the Lemon single cymbal hi-hat with controller option.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 16 cm


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Lemon cymbals are recognised in the World of eDrumming as being one of the best electronic cymbal brands in this price range. With durable rubber coating, solid build quality, and excellent playability Lemon cymbals are one of the best upgrades for your electronic drum kit.

Fully Compatible with All Modules that support Roland cymbals (Roland / 2Box / ATV / Pearl Mimic / Alesis etc.)

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